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Official Blog | Customize your Android experience with AOSP STUDIO smart mobile apps! AOSP STUDIO: For You, For Everyone

Our Mission for a livable colorful world provide services that are accessible to everyone.

AOSP STUDIO; May 2, 2016 at 2 by young entrepreneurs ‘Livable to provide services within everyone’s reach for a colorful world’ was established with a vision of in Turkey, which aims to facilitate people’s daily lives, the leaders committed to delivering these objectives while performing reliable technological solutions is a mobile application development platform. We have helped countless people make their daily lives easier by developing high-rated mobile applications.

What are we doing?

In order to be an accessible and reliable leading platform worldwide; We offer smart modular applications with unmatched quality, high security and constantly up-to-date on Android devices. …

What is AOSP STUDIO Lab?

AOSP STUDIO Research Lab is a survey system that we will use in application development and research (including our solution partners) that we offer to our users in the Google Play Store and our website visitors. This survey system provides ideas for us and our solution partners in the applications we develop or the applications we will develop. The responses sent are shared anonymously within the scope of KVKK upon request by other software companies. Research Lab offers an attention measurement test to measure the attention of the users in the first questionnaire, thus it is planned to increase the…

AOSP STUDIO never collects personal information in any of its applications and will never track you.

Our applications only collect some information for statistical purposes and do not share it with anyone. For information about the data collected, read our privacy policy:


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