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Our Mission for a livable colorful world provide services that are accessible to everyone.

AOSP STUDIO; May 2, 2016 at 2 by young entrepreneurs ‘Livable to provide services within everyone’s reach for a colorful world’ was established with a vision of in Turkey, which aims to facilitate people’s daily lives, the leaders committed to delivering these objectives while performing reliable technological solutions is a…

Say hello to SoundWave 2!
The innovations we made in our application;
*We designed a simpler and lighter user interface to provide a smooth user experience with our new app.
*We added 2 usage modes that you can customize instead of ready-made profiles.
*After activating the application, we have added popular online music applications…

We are removing our security measures that control the download source with our new app updates that we will release between August-September. If the mod is not made or the edited version is not distributed by third parties, we now allow all APK site markets that can migrate the App Bundle structure to APK format to distribute applications for our free applications. The markets of all APK sites are silently audited by us from time to time. We would like to announce that we may take action against these sites in the event of an inconsistent situation.

Our Quick Search app on mobile devices is now on Android TV! Start using it right now! Get it now for Android TVs:

This app is the TV special version of the Quick Search app on mobile devices.

With the automatically running HyperBoost technology, you can navigate 5 times faster than in normal mode, navigate with the screen cursor via your D-Pad or Remote, Watch full-screen videos, Download and upload files in various formats, and be protected from malware with the Google Safe Browsing feature.

Application requirements:
* Android TV 6.0 or higher

SoundWave Boom on mobile devices is now on Android TVs! Buy it for a very low price and start using it on your TV. Get it now for Android TVs;

This app is the TV special version of the SoundWave Boom app on mobile devices.

You can manage your TV’s volume, loudness level, bass level, virtualization level and equalizer settings.

Application requirements:
* Android TV 6.0 or higher

What is AOSP STUDIO Lab?

AOSP STUDIO Research Lab is a survey system that we will use in application development and research (including our solution partners) that we offer to our users in the Google Play Store and our website visitors. This survey system provides ideas for us and our solution partners in the applications…


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