Device Center is out now!

Manage your device in the most effective way with Device Center and access the add-ons you want with a single button! Moreover, all this in one application!

Mainly add-ons included in the free version;
Incognito mode: Prevents third-party applications from tracking the screen frame
Sound mode: Provides a high quality and rich sound experience and controls
Game Board: Crosshair etc. to be like professional player. provides tools
Dark mode: Converts supported third-party apps to dark mode
Screen color filter: Applies a color filter to the screen to reduce eye strain
Screenlight: Brightens up your screen to full brightness without using a flash
Compass: Provides a simple and convenient magnetic compass for navigating
Stopwatch: Provides an easy-to-use and practical stopwatch with lap recording
System shortcuts: Provides access to some inaccessible hidden menus on your device
Additional features: Biometric login, dark mode etc. that can be enabled in settings. provides features

Special add-ons in the Plus version;
Master sound mode: In the sound mode feature, the treble can be increased up to the master level.
Battery manager: Battery reminder to use 20%-80% of your device charge cycle
Additional features: Enables custom options that can be enabled in settings and provides an option to remove ads

Some information about the free version;
Use of Incognito mode, Sound mode, Gamepad and Screen color filter is subject to advertisements. You can enable these features in the free version in exchange for watching ads. An advertisement is played once for each activation. These features are not available for offline operation in the free version.

Some information about the Plus version;
You can unlock additional features and customizations in the app when you purchase this version. The option to hide ads will also be active. Ads are now completely removed when this option is enabled. Also, features that require internet access also start working offline. In order to access the interface of the Plus version, the main application must be installed.

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