Say hello to SoundWave 2!

Say hello to SoundWave 2!
The innovations we made in our application;
*We designed a simpler and lighter user interface to provide a smooth user experience with our new app.
*We added 2 usage modes that you can customize instead of ready-made profiles.
*After activating the application, we have added popular online music applications to the top so that you do not waste time entering music applications.
*We added a save button by removing the auto-save so that you don’t worry about accidentally messing up the settings in usage modes.
*We’ve added a new reset button that resets your settings in your usage modes but doesn’t auto-save.
*We have made some headset settings visible even if your device or headset is not supported, so that users who can use it do not have problems such as not being able to see it.
*We moved the SoundWave Gaming version into the application.
*We made the most popular dark mode of the application as the default theme. However, we have temporarily disabled the light theme due to the shadow issues of the new design.
*We have added some simple settings that you can customize in the Settings section. Some options are exclusive to Plus or Boom users.
*We re-translated the language texts you see on the screen to be understandable.

Changes we made in our application;
*Applications used by paid version users are now required to install this application, as it is a license file. License applications are no longer launchable from the launcher tab.
*Gaming users must also install this application, as SoundWave Gaming has been moved into this application.
*All activities have the ability to reset your settings, unless you save the changes made in the application by tapping the save button.
*We’ve now set the trigger for the full screen ad to happen when the power button is manually activated for free users.
*We increased the number of banner ads to two for free users and changed their location.
*We’ll call it SoundWave 2 for a while now, as it’s the biggest change and innovation update the app has received since release.

Some bugs we fixed in our application;
* Fixed choke in treble sounds when Bass setting is enabled. There will now be very little muting in the treble sounds when the bass setting is enabled.
*We noticed that the equalizer and power state could not be turned off completely in some cases and we fixed this.

Warnings for our application;
*Users switching from SoundWave to SoundWave 2 for the first time will have their user settings reset due to critical changes.
*To remove ads and unlock features; In SoundWave 2 version Plus or Boom switch applications are responsible. Gaming Plus key application is responsible for SoundWave 2 Gaming version.
*Virtualization feature, as always, creates a decrease in high-pitched sounds.



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